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1.     Find out, what exactly you need

Don’t know what to begin with? We will help you! Prior to any work you shall be able to select the desired decoration, structure or landscaping option, to compare the properties, and to learn, which materials, tools and workers you will need.

2.     Estimate your costs

Our catalogue lists all required materials, tools and workers for every kind of work. Also, here you can calculate the total price according to the required area or volume so as to avoid any rush through the lack of resources or unneeded expenses on surplus materials.

3.     Know the procedure

Every kind of work is described step by step: from one layer to another, from preparation to the final result. Understanding the procedure, you will be able to estimate the duration of work. Now you can always be in time!

4.     Sign up

Once signed up, through your account you will be able to save, review and edit the lists of materials for your projects. Now all the data is kept in due order in one place!

5.     Print the lists

Any list of materials, tools and/or workers for your project can be saved as a PDF file and printed. Give them to your contractors, or use yourself for shopping, and you will never miss any item!

6.     Learn more

Use our knowledge base to select the materials and tools appropriate for your project, and not to make mistakes. Follow the tips in the catalogue for useful articles and reviews of building materials, techniques and other useful information. We will make construction and decoration easier to understand and perform!

7.     Get professional advice

Click Buy to send a list of materials for your project directly to the shop. Professional managers will review your order before picking and propose the best price/quality options according to the purpose of your project.