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Sum: 10.200 +10.000 +8.000 +15.000 +5.640 +7.500= 56.340$
60м2 =10200$
Wall construction
240 м2 =10000$
Roof base
60м2 =8000$
Exterior and interior
240 м2 =15000$
20 м2 =5640$
100 м2 =7.500$

virtual assistant
in building and repair

Calculation of materials, tools and working hours to complete any construction and renovation task. Practical advice individually for each situation and conditions. Write to us if the types of work you need are not in our catalog and we will add them as soon as possible!
Determine what is right for you

Not sure what to start with? We will help! Before starting any work you can choose from the catalog the desired option for finishing, construction or improvement, compare their characteristics and find out what materials, tools and specialists you need.

Calculate costs

In the catalog you will find a list of the required materials, tools and specialists for each type of work. You can also calculate their total cost, depending on the given area or quantity. No fuss about shortages, no overpayments for extra materials!

Explore the sequence of works

Each type of work in the catalog is described step by step layer by layer, from preparation to the finished result. Understanding the process will allow you to calculate the time for renovation or finishing. You will be on time for sure!

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After creation your personal account you will be able to save, view and edit the lists of elements of your construction project. Now all data is stored in one place and in perfect order!

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All lists of materials, tools and specialists from your projects can be saved in pdf format and printed. Share these documents with contractors or use them by yourself for convenient store purchases. No detail will be forgotten!

Learn more

In order not to be mistaken and to choose only suitable materials and necessary tools for your project use our knowledge base. In the i-tips on the pages of the catalog you will find useful articles and reviews of building materials, technologies and other useful information. With us your repair and construction projects will become clearer and easier!

Get professional advice

By clicking the "Buy Materials" button you send a list of required materials for your project directly to the store. Before collecting your order professional consultants will check it. In accordance with the purpose of your project they will recommend certain options that are best in terms of price and quality.