About the AM-BUILDER project
The AM-BUILDER project our goal is to help people who do not have a construction education, to create a virtual assistant in construction and repair, created by professionals for you. Here you can get practical advice specifically for your situation and see how much money and effort you need to complete your task. We will constantly work to expand the knowledge base in construction and repair and look forward to your support and help.
How can we help you?
If you are starting a new construction or renovation, here you can choose structures, finishes and engineering networks for your structures, as well as find out the consumption of materials and time you need to complete the work.
Want to help the project?
If you have come to this page, then we are already glad - it means that you liked the project and it brings real benefits. We are very grateful if you are ready to help in the development of the project.
The surest way
The second, but no less effective way
If you are the owner of a website, blog, portal - put our link to yourself. Or just share on social networks!
Third, but not least important
If you work in the construction industry, you can order the promotion of your product or service directly by writing to us info@am-builder.com